Battle Buddy

My laptop. It’s like my rifle while in the Marine Corps. It goes everywhere with me. I need it to be quick and functional. Ready to use at a moments notice. Lately though, that hasn’t been the case. You see my laptop is almost 10 years old. I got it in 2010. That’s when I … Continue reading Battle Buddy

Slim Down to Shape Up

The strong gonna get weak, and the weak gonna die. Joseph Riley So far the Strong Lifts 5×5 program has been going to plan. I’ve gained strength rapidly, especially in my squats going from 90-185. Although, to be transparent I haven’t been going to gym religiously. I have also integrated the A&S Short Card into … Continue reading Slim Down to Shape Up


I say never be complete, I say stop being perfect, I say let… Lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may. -Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club Window to the Soul The early morning hours (2-5 A.M.) are my golden hours. While most people sleep, I embrace the quietness. I make a home out of the … Continue reading Solace

Chow is Continuous

Being the college students that my girlfriend and I are, our eating schedules often vary tremendously from day to day. That being said, I like to have a few quick recipes for generally healthy foods. Tonight at 2300, for example, I whipped up these delicious baked garlic and basil pork chops in under 20 minutes. … Continue reading Chow is Continuous


Occurring within the individual mind or self Sometimes, I just need to take a moment to relax and look at myself introspectively. Internal dialogue helps to create new goals, as well as get rid of self-doubt. “The most important six inches on the battlefield is between your ears.” -General James “Mad Dog” Mattis Mental Health … Continue reading Intrapersonal

Gilberto Burbante

Profile: Name: Gilberto Burbante Age: 35 Hometown: Morgan City, Louisiana Position: Nicholls State University Veterans Coordinator Branch of Service: United States Marine Corps and United States Army National Guard Time in the Suck Burbante started his time in service back in 2002 when he took his vacation to Parris Island.  After being assigned to 3/4 … Continue reading Gilberto Burbante